Our team

The highly qualified, professional team at SpeechPathology.me has a passion to support clients and their families at every step of the therapy journey.

The SpeechPathology.me team. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
The SpeechPathology.me team. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

‘Our son’s little face lights up when he’s going to see his therapist — that’s really big that a five-year-old feels like that about his therapy.’

Catherine Silcock, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
Catherine Silcock, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Catherine Silcock Speech Pathologist

Catherine is a supporter, ally and advocate of differently-wired learners. Her love of working with children and their families has seen her in community, health and education speech pathology roles for nearly 30 years. After graduating from the University of Queensland, Catherine moved to Tasmania in 1993. She has since held clinical and teaching roles in Australia and the UK.

She has extensive training and experience in Floortime and Social Cognition Therapy. Her focus is to support children and teens to be their best, functional, independent selves.

Catherine works with her valued team of colleagues to provide a holistic, family-centred service. She works with children and teens in varied areas: developmental speech and language, Autism Spectrum, communication devices, social cognition and complex support needs.

Catherine loves teens (has them) and little children. Thanks to her clients she stays current on topics ranging from marine mapping to Minecraft, away from work she loves outdoors, art and animals. Sometimes clients bring their guinea pigs to sessions, and that’s okay by her.

Julia Ebert, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
Julia Ebert, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Julia Ebert Speech Pathologist

Originally from Tasmania, Julia qualified from La Trobe University in 2004 and has since worked in education and disability services in speech pathology roles. She currently splits her professional time across SpeechPathology.me and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Julia is committed to the areas of mental health and wellbeing and believes that supporting the family is central to supporting the client. She knows that family is the most important resource for the client and her holistic approach consistently acknowledges this.

Julia has completed the University of Melbourne’s Developmental Psychiatry course and uses this expertise to offer skilled insight to the communication profiles of her clients. Her interest areas include support needs for individuals with mental health profiles, trauma, social cognition, Autism spectrum, fluency, speech and language disorders and trans and gender diverse children and adolescents. She’s a strong voice for neurodivergence and supports every client with their own goals in mind.

Julia is also a busy parent, reader, runner and big fan of the Tassie outdoors.

Juli Swarts, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
Juli Swarts, Speech Pathologist. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Juli Swarts Speech Pathologist

Juli studied Speech Pathology at Curtin University, WA. Originally from Tasmania, she has worked in varied adult and paediatric roles in Australia and overseas.

She has a special interest in helping young people to be skilled and comfortable with their learning, families and peers. Formal learning doesn’t benefit us until we feel confident and engaged, and she works to help her clients reach this point. Your therapy has only been successful if it makes a difference in your day!

She has skills to support a wide range of needs including speech and language delays and disorders, social cognition, and literacy difficulties.

Currently in the high summer of family life, Juli is also a parent, student, wife of soccer coach, school helper, community member, pet keeper, and gardener. A good day also includes music and reading.

Beth Chamberlain, Therapy Assistant. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
Beth Chamberlain, Therapy Assistant. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Beth Chamberlain Therapy Assistant

Beth is a creative and energetic therapy assistant. Her work is informed by her experiences as a parent, teacher assistant, volunteer and outdoor educator. She is passionate about learning support, advocacy and the ‘whole-person’ perspective.

Supporting people to overcome challenges has always been central to her outdoor work. Her own parenting journey has required her to develop these skills even further, and to understand the detailed factors that challenge and repair us as individuals.

Beth’s passion for parenting, education and children with support needs, positions her as a great champion for differently-abled learners.

Clarissa Hughes Therapy Assistant

Clarissa has spent 17 years in various university roles as a lecturer, researcher, writer and PhD supervisor. She is now fulfilling a long-held ambition, and is about to finish a Masters of Speech Pathology.

As a ‘people person’, Clarissa enjoys getting to know her clients and their families — and seeing the therapeutic benefits that come from having a trusting and authentic connection. She has a particular interest in language and literacy development, social cognition, and play-based therapy.

Clarissa adores communicating with people of all ages and has personal insight into the joys and challenges of parenting newborns through to young adults. Her personal and professional experiences provide Clarissa with a big picture view so that she combines theoretical knowledge, a non-judgemental manner, and the ability to explain things in family-friendly language.

When she’s not working or studying, Clarissa can be found pottering about in her garden.

Marg Thalmann Therapy Assistant

Marg has been a skilled and steady voice of encouragement to children on the speech/language/literacy journey for 20 years.

A believer in childhood, parenting, family and life, Marg knows that for every child needing the support of their parent, there’s a parent who needs their own support person too. Marg can support you support your child with caring, steady, confident skill.

Marg has experience with a wide range of communication profiles and a wealth of practical strategies to help parents keep up the support at home.

Away from work she’s with her family, in the garden or camping.

Jen Poulson, Office Manager. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.
Jen Poulson, Office Manager. Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Jen Poulson Office Manager

Jen’s work experience has included private and government positions in administration, research, customer support, and solution management. As Office Manager at SpeechPathology.me, she happily assists our clients with phone and email enquiries, client booking scheduling, and funding queries.

Jen holds a Masters degree in cultural heritage and is now working towards her next qualification in creative writing. She also adds running and reading to her weekly routine, to help manage a healthy work-life balance.

‘When you’re looking for a therapist, that rapport is so important. Our therapist sees people for who they are. She treats people with respect.’