For parents

Come as you are

Finding the right therapist and the right support can be a challenge. Parents often feel pressured to know what to ask for and to understand everything. You don’t need to! Building an understanding of your child’s whole profile starts at the beginning. Whatever stage you’re at, come as you are.

‘I didn’t expect to be so supported as a parent. I thought therapy was all about my child.’


How our therapy works

Child development is complicated. Even though your child’s talking may be your main concern, we also look at movement, attention, play, behaviours, and other areas of development. Knowing your child’s ‘big picture’ development helps us design the most appropriate therapy, just for them.

‘Working with is just a lovely experience.’


How we work with you

We work with both children and teens. A client’s therapy intervention and wellbeing is a team effort. You are your child’s best resource and your involvement in their therapy is a critical factor for success. We also connect with your child’s professional team, including doctors, your school, OT, psychologist and other support providers.

Working with teens requires a different framework and creating a sense of connection and safety is our priority. Services for teens are offered with their differences and needs in mind; individual, group or out-of-clinic sessions may be offered. Our support is all about the individual becoming their best, most engaged and functional self.

‘Our child is learning strategies and skills he will be able to use as he grows up. They’re life skills that he will use in everything he does.


Frequently asked questions

What services can I access through

We can help with:

  • Speech sound work (for children with late-to-develop sounds or hard to understand speech)
  • Language intervention (for late talkers or children using disordered patterns)
  • Autism support
  • Dyspraxia
  • Stuttering
  • Play skills
  • AAC
  • Social cognition
  • Support to trans and gender diverse children and adolescents
  • Social personal and learning supports for teens, gifted and 2e students

We have a network of trusted professionals, if your needs are better serviced by another provider, we will cross refer to that service.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is needed. Phone 03 6200 8893 or contact

What are my funding options?

  • Private health rebates apply
  • NDIS clients (self-managed or plan-managed)
  • Enhanced Primary Care Plans can be used if your GP has arranged one for you. A gap payment will apply.

Where can I access your services?

We have clinic rooms in Kingston, we also make visits within the south of the state, and offer training or telehealth contact state-wide.