SpeechPathology.me is a neuro-affirming practice. We are a team of certified practising speech pathologists and experienced therapy assistants, offering evidence-based assessment, intervention and support services to children and families throughout Tasmania.

What do we do?

We’re committed to helping our clients be the best they can be. Our caring team provides evidence-based assessment and intervention that is focused on the individual’s needs.

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Our philosophy

We value difference, and recognise the unique strengths of each person and family. We’re here to support every client to be happy, whole and learning.

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For parents

If you’re seeking support for your child, you’re probably juggling questions, challenges and concerns. We welcome you, whatever stage you’re at. Come as you are.

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‘In our first session, I learned more about my child, his uniqueness, his challenges, and how his brain works, than I had in the previous three years of seeing many other therapists.’